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We aim to create a community free of the distractions from other social media platforms, where students and seekers can connect over a common interest: utilising the power of frequency (the RASHA and eternal-life teachings) for self-healing and spiritual evolution. 

We are Guardians of the RASHA technology - the most advanced quantum consciousness device. Merging scalar energy with plasma, sound frequency, Tesla coils and Base-12 technology, the RASHA opens the door for your DNA and consciousness to communicate.

Insension is a collaboration between Richard, Cherie and The RASHA & eternal-life wisdom. Richard has a diverse background spanning multiple industries and countries and now dedicates his life to guide others towards their sovereignty and power. Cherie is a dedicated wellness educator and mother of two teenagers with a diverse background in the energetic and frequency arts and over 20 years experience as a Naturopath assisting families to heal and evolve.

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